Oracle Administration

Using experienced Oracle Database Administrators with years of experience, we can maintain databases all over the world.
Our administration techniques are developed around these activities:

Install Oracle Database Server 

9i/10g/11g, on Windows, Unix, Linux, Unix-True64

Apply Oracle provided patches to Database Server software

on Windows, Unix, Linux, Unix-True64

Backup and Recovery activities

Implement database backup policies

Recover and restore database according Oracle recommendations.

Restore database and recover data in case of database corruption (data entry error, hardware failure, software failure, bugs, virus etc…).

Recommendation for hardware and software requirements

Database design according customer requirements

Oracle database performance tuning and monitor database activity

Our database administrators are pay attention for data analysis and provides faster query execution or performance by new indexing and data retrieval or storage methods.

They provide faster query execution by managing parameters and monitoring performance of the database, because in a client-server type setup it is very important that all the data to be available online quickly.

Maintain database instances

  • Create new database
  • Import old databases
  • Upgrade old databases to newer version
  • Maintain databases
  • Create users
  • Configure security policies
  • Controls privileges and permissions to users of database
  • Manage the access to the database
  • Maintain and standard data format
  • Test the new software with staff members before it is completely implemented in an organization
  • Write data dictionary definitions, procedures and various other documentation for database
  • Write and apply patches to the database according customer application needs on development and maintain period