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In Memory Databases @DBA Lounge

We had recently presented to local DBA and Developers community in Iasi (Romania), a session on in memory databases.

The files used during the presentation, as they were presented:

  • pptx In Memory Databases (Ionut Hrubaru)
  • pptx Oracle In-Memory 12.2 (George Talaba)
  • pptx SQL Server – In Memory Capabilities (Andrei Stefan)
  • pptx EXASOL – A Look Under The Hood (Andrei Stefan)
  • pptx Aerospike – In-memory NoSql (Liviu Costea)
  • pptx VoltDB (Ionut Stefanache) 
  • pptx MemSQL – The Real-Time Data Warehouse (Cosmin Dumitriu)

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The DBA Lounge group started few years ago on Linkedin, as we wanted to know each other better, share knowledge and have fun. The community is no technology specific. Anyone interested in database systems is welcomed.

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a DBA journey

It’s been many years now since I first got my hands dirty on databases “world”.

In 2000, as a young student and being on my first job, I had to choose for the first time.. between SQL Server (6.5 back then) and MySQL (version 3). I have picked MySQL because it was free. In 2003, I had the luck of being asked to substitute the DBA colleague leaving to another company.

And my journey with SQL Server has started.

What times.. being sole DBA for production (24/7) and development.
Hundreds and hundreds of scenarios tested, tens of thousands of SQL code lines, short nights (not only due to work… friends, cigarettes, whiskey, beers, work and always.. good music).
After my leave in 2005, I was asked to mentor the colleague that was replacing me. Some people may say I was tough.

Since ever, I was a self-thought person. I had and still have few words that define me: “keep digging and never stop learning”. To my mentees (yes, I had more than one during time ), I have tried to inoculate these words.

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