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SQL Server Blogs Aggregated Feeds

Personally, I like to stay up to date with technology related items. I read blog posts, books, knowledge base articles, etc.
To help the community and “make things easier”, I have build a page with links to blogs that I follow.
Blog posts are sorted and aggregated, using a nice WordPress plugin.
The page is available here.

Enjoy it.

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Database Corruption Challenge

Last week I came across an interesting DBA challenge. Steve Stedman launched a 10 weeks “Database Corruption Challenge“.

The interesting part, so far, is that data can be recover 100%. To me, this is the actual challenge: how to be 100% sure that all data was recovered?!

From recovering data using indexes, to fixing page headers using DBCC WRITEPAGE or Hex editors, this is an excellent opportunity to practice recovery skills.

I will discuss about my solutions to each of the challenges, in future blog posts.

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SQL Server Cluster P2P migration

Motto: “it should be out there”

Recently, my team was involved in several SQL Failover Cluster Instances migration. All nodes were physical boxes and migration was done between two Data Centers.

Due to business constraints, we had no option but to rebuild the clusters in the new Data Center, keeping everything as before and with as minimum downtime as possible.

Migration should be transparent to all applications/users that connect to the instances.

Nice challenge, we said.

Single instance migration was documented and you may find it at:

How about cluster migration? The steps we took to ensure all migrations were successfully are listed below.

I know.. most of the steps are only backups/information and may be skipped. A backup may never suffice. When downtime is important, any piece of backup/information is valuable.

Always do a test before, check whatever steps apply to your environment, add others, document the procedure and go live. Read More…