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SQL Server Blogs Aggregated Feeds

Personally, I like to stay up to date with technology related items. I read blog posts, books, knowledge base articles, etc.
To help the community and “make things easier”, I have build a page with links to blogs that I follow.
Blog posts are sorted and aggregated, using a nice WordPress plugin.
The page is available here.

Enjoy it.

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Database Corruption Challenge

Last week I came across an interesting DBA challenge. Steve Stedman launched a 10 weeks “Database Corruption Challenge“.

The interesting part, so far, is that data can be recover 100%. To me, this is the actual challenge: how to be 100% sure that all data was recovered?!

From recovering data using indexes, to fixing page headers using DBCC WRITEPAGE or Hex editors, this is an excellent opportunity to practice recovery skills.

I will discuss about my solutions to each of the challenges, in future blog posts.