System analysis

We analyze existing systems or gather your specifications for a new system based on your business needs.

We create functional specifications and full database system prototypes so you see exactly what you are getting.

We can provide hierarchical data flow diagrams, data dictionaries and process logic specifications.

Logical & Physical Design

We apply proven principles of design and normalization to create robust data structures and complete data design specifications for your entire application.

We are expert at creating database storage constructs using Oracle and Microsoft technology and mapping the data sources to the application needs.

Application Coding

We have expert developers who can write any system from simple to complex using proven coding techniques.

All of our developers are expert in their fields and provide one of the best price/productivity ratio.

We provide experts in procedural languages such as PL/SQL or Transact-SQL.


We provide complete project management and coordination for your systems implementation phase including coding, testing debugging, infrastructure creation, disaster planning and backup & recovery.

We implement disaster and backup & recovery according with provider specifications.

We build your complete production database environment from scratch.

We adjust your existing production database environment in order to fulfill your new requirements.

Data Migration

We port code and data from one platform/database to another one, with the main focus on migrations to/from SQL Server and Oracle.

We assess the migration project, migrate the schema & data, convert the SQL Code and re-engineer it in order to benefit the features of the new platform, set benchmarks and test the newly migrated database.

Monitoring / off-load DBA support

We monitor your database and servers, react to alerts, send reports, respond to problems / solve problems, provide maintenance and other support requirements.

Performance Tuning

We optimize and when needed do full re-engineering of your SQL code behind in order to get the best response times, while maintaining the consistency your data and application flow logic consistent.

We recommend the best hardware platform to implement while keeping it on low budget and establish the best configuration parameters.

We determine the proper size of connection pools to support the arrival rate of SQL requests.

We implement the most efficient auditing scheme that would prevent deadlocks, while maintaining history of the business processes.

We provide an inventory of slow or inefficient SQL queries.

We validate the correct indexes to employ in order to speed up your databases.